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ALICE group rapid expansion of outdoor equipment rental sales increased

       Spring atmosphere is getting thicker, Shaoxing City and Keqiao many ALICE, tempted to silence a winter heart, soles of the feet began to itch, have chosen their favorite line starting. Yesterday morning, the reporter in Shaoxing several specialized sales, rental ALICE outdoor equipment equipment store learned that since March, to the store rental and purchase of ALICE flocked.

       In the city of the city of South Times Square, a "snail outdoors," the equipment store, shopkeeper Tang Zhihao is surrounded by a large group of ALICE, busy answering a variety of questions. Tang Zhihao operating outdoor activities for several years, and he and another partner itself is irons.

       Outdoor equipment looked humble, in fact, multi-functional, and some really expensive, such as rock down the rope price of 100 yuan per meter. Tang Zhihao introduction, into the March, with the warmer weather, out of the house toward the nature of Shaoxing ALICE a lot, so come to rent or purchase more people.

       "In recent months, sales volume is the previous year's sales, it is inferred that Shaoxing and Keqiao's AL group is rapidly expanding." Tang Zhihao told reporters, in order to meet the needs of the majority of ALICE, this month they will organize two outdoor activities , One is to Shengzhou see cherry blossoms, one is to Tonglu peach valley, in April is a weekly activity, the frequency of activities also increased.

       It is understood that in recent years, many young people in love with the outdoor activities, and slowly become irons. With the increase in the number of ALICE, the current group of Shaoxing ALICE also increased, at the same time came into being more than 10 for ALICE outdoor activities to provide services to the organization, and some to provide "more" lead service, while others provide "One to one" aristocratic service.

       A small peak before his own is a player, last year he purchased five kayaks, in the Mirror Lake District, Dongpu set up a service point, specifically for the love of the canal in the ancient canoe yacht to provide services. ALICE often draw the canoe to Kam Lake part of the desert island, barbecue camping in the above, the event is very popular.

       Different from the service organization team activities, a lot of ALICE is often invited three five friends alone action. Dongbaishan, large Xianglin, Pingshuijiang reservoir side, Wang Tan Road and other places, have become their good place.

       In Keqiao engaged in foreign trade work Jin Xiaofeng, the last two weeks to Ping water and Wang Tan camp. He said, usually a long time in the city, the weekend to relax the nature, a week of work have a good state.

       46-year-old Zheng Guoming engaged in the work of lawyers, the average monthly to do an ALICE. He said, the work of the pressure, for the environment can be timely decompression.

       The industry believes that the expansion of Shaoxing ALICE group and the development of service industry, indicating that Shaoxing young people's spending power is enhanced, the pursuit of personalized lifestyle needs are also accumulated and released.

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