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Outdoor sports market bubble

       The annual outdoor development of ISPO Asia has come to an end, in the traditional sports industry is still depressed in the context of outdoor sports industry has once again become the focus of industry attention. With the various "immortals" have been in succession, the prospects for outdoor industry is becoming confusing. Although the surface is still bright, but there are many problems, there have been many signs that the outdoor industry bubble is being blown bigger.

       In the industry view, the current outdoor industry is the biggest problem is to follow the traditional sports brand to drive growth, and this model is not suitable for outdoor industry. Because the traditional sports products and outdoor products of the product properties are not the same. Outdoor supplies are not FMCG, the price of a Jackets at every turn, consumers may be replaced after two or three years to replace. So the mode of running horses to bring only false prosperity, long-term view can not continue.

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