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The world's 10 tent tour experience luxury honeymoon travel

       The canopy has the highest facilities and services, comparable to the five-star hotel. Natural hot spring, private pool, or beautiful scenery, so luxurious, very suitable for new honeymoon travel.

       Do not think that tents on behalf of a simple camping or adventure of the wild tour. Now many tourist sites are used tent style, repair the resort. The canopy has the highest facilities and services, comparable to the five-star hotel. Natural hot spring, private pool, or beautiful scenery, so luxurious, very suitable for new honeymoon travel.

1, Mille Etoiles, Ardèche, France

       Recommended: 12 dome canopy on the canyon

       People's praise for the beauty of southern France is probably beyond the French champagne and movie stars, such as Aldex in the southern Alps. While its southern town Mille Etoiles is known for its large forest on a hillside and a unique style of canopy-style hotel. In the Mille Etoiles, there is not only the beautiful alpine gorge in the natural stone arches under the glittering swimming cave, more worth mentioning is that the 12 is located in the canyon on the dome, which can be more than the thousands of dollars on the cruise more Romantic and new. Night sky, when the new people see the stars, they understand the origin of the name of Mille Etoiles (French is the meaning of thousands of stars). Interestingly, each dome has its own theme style, there are four bamboo pillars from the bed of the Asian style, there are strong classical French style. While this is nothing but the bathroom in the bathroom's awning room, but the comfortable Provence bathroom and breakfast table fluffy croissant croissants remind you that you want such a luxurious and romantic camping experience only in southern France!

       Price reference: $ 1475 per week, including breakfast.

2, South Africa Plettenberg Bay: Tsala

       Recommended: 10 chalets in Tsala Resort have a 800-foot private pool with a high ground floor

       Tsala is located on the west coast of South Africa, in the dense forests of Durban and Cape Town. Was there, feeling like floating in a place in Africa, but then the mysterious ground. Each of the ten huts in the Tsala Resort has its own deck, attached to a 800-foot private pool full of ground. During the day, new people can go to the Indian Ocean to play paragliding, deep sea fishing, taste Pleasantberg Bay delicious oysters, or to explore some of the elephant and monkey protected areas. However, the newcomer may be more like to walk hand in the ancient candle tree and mixed with stone and glass construction of the wonderful building. In addition, there are the world's leading manor castle hotel Relais & Ch? Teaux, which is just to listen to the food so that the new people are greedy, delicious truffle soup, jar pickled antelope waist, and delicious chocolate mousse.

       Price Reference: Double Suite $ 724, including breakfast.

3, Kokopelli's Cave, Farmington, New Mexico, USA

       Recommended: enjoy the natural spa bath

       To find a distant hubbub of the destination is a lot of new honeymoon of the original intention, but not to travel thousands of miles to reach, perhaps as long as you can go down to live in the quiet paradise, such as Newcastle, Newcastle, around the Koko Pei cave hotel. It is located in the vast blue sky of the junction of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona, and is hidden in the sandstone platform along with the ruins of Ana Sakazi. To enter this mysterious private cave room, you need to travel in a high altitude desert to reach the location of the hotel and then walk 70 feet down the steep trail. The hotel, which has been exploded from 6.5 billion years old sandstone, has a cool and dry environment in New Mexico that is rare and comfortable. New people here can enjoy the natural hot spring bath, and then enjoy the magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains side of the barbecue grill to make delicious burgers. The cave hotel was originally a geological office and is now open to visitors from March to November each year.

       Price Reference: $ 220 per night, Continental breakfast package. The rooms include a bedroom, living room and kitchen with refrigerator.

4, Al Maha Desert Resort, Dubai

       Recommended: Top facilities and services

       In the Arabian Peninsula inland Amaha Desert Resort, the privacy of new people to give the supreme enjoyment of the noble. In the Dubai Desert Reserve, 56,000 acres of park is used to protect the Arabian antelope, gazelle and Amaha Desert Resort guests. If you are tired of Dubai's ultimate luxury, come here to return to nature is the best way to solve the aesthetic fatigue. When you are enjoying an hour of desert aromatherapy, the camel may be leisurely from the side of the pacing, and the eagle is crooning over the head, live with the animal is the most natural way of life here. However, even in the desert, 37 modeled in the local tribal camps, the nomadic-style suites still have top-class facilities and services. Each room has a private pool at the entrance, with staff and guests being three to one. Hedonism and advocating the original nature of the new people, here is probably your best honeymoon choose to!

Price Reference: Double Suite $ 1,700.

5, El Capitan Canyon, Santa Barbara, California

       Recommended: pure handmade supplies

       If the new yearning for the American West free and unrestrained life, from the United States California Santa Barbara to the south 20 kilometers, to Los Padres National Forest Park on the beach covers an area of 300 hectares of luxury camping center it, it is definitely love outdoor sports new people One of the best honeymoon destinations. The unique geographical location makes it an absolute natural green campsite, surrounded by the original pure coast, 26 Safari tents built on a wooden platform, the interior is full of simple and exquisite handicrafts daily necessities, such as hand-made willow wood bed And bedside lights. If you prefer a more modern style, but also choose to have electrical appliances, refrigerators, small wine Taiwan's cabin. Mountaineering, hiking, rafting, horse riding, mountain biking, wine tours, are the new people never tired of the activities of the project. Especially in the summer, the wilderness played melodious large-scale concert, the scene of the California gourmet restaurant to provide fresh and delicious. Or, the new people simply do their own hands in the camp to Dayton random and warm barbecue dinner, enjoy the mercy of the United States West free life!

       Price Reference: Safari Tent, $ 135; Chalet, $ 185.

6, Green Magic, India

       Recommended: you can walk on the Peria Tiger Trail

       The British novelist, Kipling, describes how to hide a hidden fortress house on the 100 feet of a bunch of monkeys playing a banyan tree. This tree house is the Green Magic resort in the 500 acres of tropical rainforest in Kerala, southern India. This has a comfortable double bed and a fully equipped bathroom with a tree house that looks a bit old, but its chic is more eye-catching. During the day, new people can walk on the Peria Tiger Trail, or in the surrounding 50 lakes, the river casually choose a cruise. In the evening, the tree house was surrounded by the quiet rainforest, only the branches of the wind gently swaying the sound, or, is the naughty monkey playing in the jump?

       Price reference: Double room from $ 240, including all charges.

7, Whitepod, Les Cerniers, Switzerland

       Recommended: more than 1,500 meters above sea level snow mountain camp

       Hobbies skiing new people here, do not want to leave. And ordinary ski resorts, where new people, but live in more than 1,500 meters above sea level snow mountain camp. As a Swiss resort, the Whitepot's living experience is undoubtedly a unique green living experience close to the original ecological life. Very stylish hotel eco-camp, 12 tents rooms have specially designed geodesic vaults to avoid contamination of the fragile glacier environment. New people do not have to worry about the convenience and comfort of the live life of the snow tents, when you wear snow boots into the home like a warm dome house began to enjoy red wine and fragrant cheese hot pot, the snow car has been sent to the luggage your room. Then, lying on the baking and baking warmth of the warm bed quietly sleep! The next day, remember to get up early to enjoy the beautiful Mont Blanc sunrise. There must be to enjoy the camp where you belong to the private snow, this is not the other ski resorts can have treatment.

       Price Reference: Double Tent House $ 265, including three meals a day, ski passes and wizards. Stay at least two nights.

8, Voyages Longitude 131, Australia, Uluru - Kata Château National Park

       Recommended: East 131 degrees line

       The Voyages Longitude 131 is famous for its east through the 131-degree line, and from the endless wilderness, there are only 15 semi-permanent tent suites and an invisible trunk line. Enough to make new people fascinated. 15 The tent is nestled on a crescent-shaped dune, facing the south of the Uluru dunes, curved, open-minded, but here is definitely not to enter the private places, new people can not Intertwined to enjoy the strange scenery of the desert rock. The tents are luxurious but with a warm home atmosphere, the staff will be based on the preferences of the guests to create personalized background music, leaving a fresh baked baked biscuits, in your small refrigerator put your favorite cold The

       Price reference: double canopy, starting from 900 dollars, two nights to live.

9, Molokai Ranch, Molokai, Hawaii

       Recommended: elope to the island

       Few tourists come to this wavy island - Molokai Island, although this is indeed easy to reach and quiet and romantic place. New people come here, may feel like a bustling wandering to an island, from the Molokai pasture near the beach of 40 canvas canopy house - "Tentalows" in the casual election, to live in isolation life In the hands of the staff only to a map. And in fact, do not underestimate this Moluo Kai farm, it is established by the Prince of Hawaii 103 years history, 65000 acres of fertile farm area. Here, the new people can see the real work and life of the cowboy, feel the native people of the native customs.

       Price Reference: Two Bedroom Sleeve House $ 300.

10, Cottar's 1920's Camp, Kenya, Masai Mara Nature Reserve

       Recommended: like nostalgic new people will love this

       Just as people love to watch old movies, where the traces of the vicissitudes of life are always fascinating, nostalgic newcomers will love the camping hotel called Cottar's 1920's Camp. The camp is located in the 800-acre private Masai Mara Animal Reserve, which is full of jaguars and giraffes. In order to avoid the fierce ultraviolet light in East Africa, new people can enjoy in the white canvas tents. Such as lying on the antique bed around the quaint bed linen, or with exquisite porcelain, silverware for the two worlds to brew a pot of afternoon tea, wait until the private steward to remind you of free massage time. The most can not resist or overflow from the restaurant food incense, these are not too much modification but with a classic taste of the camping life, so that new people seem to have experienced a "out of Africa," the freedom of heroic.

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